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---Los Angeles, California---home of the sentinels---est. 1923---CIF LACS



---Los Angeles, California---home of the sentinels---est. 1923---CIF LACS


---Los Angeles, California---home of the sentinels---est. 1923---CIF LACS

Files & Links


Asthma Action Plan Form


This form must be filled out and signed by the student-athlete, parent, and doctor only if the student-athlete has asthma. Include it with the forms when seeing the doctor for the physical exam.

Physical Exam Form

PPE - Attachment A Eng _June 2021_Fillable.pdf

Here is the procedure to turn in those completed sports physical forms! Get a physical examination- If the physical exam is going to expire anytime between now and June or if one hasn’t been taken, schedule an appointment with your doctor or clinic for a new physical exam. Physical exam forms are available at during your online registration and I have attached the physical form to this message along with the Asthma Action Plan if a student has asthma. On the physical exam form you must give a brief explanation for any questions you answer “yes” to. There’s a space at the end of the questions for this purpose. If your child wears glasses, he/she must bring their glasses to the exam. Ensure that the form is completely filled out with student signature, parent signature, the doctor’s signature, clinic stamp and all dates are filled in. When the form is ready to submit, it must be emailed to Ms. Topham, our school nurse. Her email address is:



This handbook contains the policies and procedures to be followed by the Belmont High School coaching staff.


Go to online clearance and register for Belmont Athletics- I will be sending you messages from time to time to remind you about this, but the time to begin is now! If you have not done so already, students and parents must go to and register for the current school year. Also, students must have a picture of their insurance card stored in their electronic device so that it can be uploaded during the athletic clearance process. Now is the time for athletes to get prepared if they are not already prepared!

Track and Field Statistics
See how the Sentinel Track and Field teams stack up against the competition!

Belmont Football Archive
See the history of Belmont on the grid iron unfold before your eyes!

Belmont High School On Wikipedia Website
See what the world reads as they learn about the Belmont legacy.

This is your one stop shop for the official sportswear of the Sentinels. Check it out and step out in style! Students, alumni, and faculty love Belmont's "My Locker" apparel.

MAX Preps Website
The latest in local and national sports at the high school level.

House of Trophies
The official awards maker of the Sentinels. From giant trophies to tiny plaques, uptown awards at downtown prices that cannot be beat! "For all your sporting and congratulation needs."

Niky's Sports For Futbol Equipment
The official soccer supplier to the Sentinels and they should know! The Orellana family has led Belmont to many league and City titles on and off the pitch. The boy's and girl's soccer programs love Niky's!

Belmont High School Website
The direct link to the "Crown Hill," home of the Sentinels.

Pursuing Victory With Honor
Visit the Josephson Institute and stay in touch with what is right!

NCAA Eligibility Center
In order to participate in athletics and receive athletically based financial aid, you must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and meet academic and amateurism eligibility standards. In order to register with the eligibility center, you must have a valid U.S. Social Security Number and a MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover (debit or credit) card. If you do not have a credit or debit card, you may register using electronic check (eCheck). If you received a fee waiver for the ACT or SAT exam and are requesting a waiver of the eligibility center fee, you may indicate this in Section VII. NOTE that your registration will not be processed until the eligibility center receives a fee waiver confirmation from your high school counselor. If you are seeking a fee waiver, you should talk to your high school counselor to determine if you are eligible for the fee waiver. If so, your counselor will need to submit a fee waiver confirmation for you. High school counselors who have been issued a secure PIN may submit such confirmations through the High School Administrators section of the web site.

Belmont High School Athletics Online Clearance
If you intend to be a Sentinel student-athlete, click on this link!

CIF Los Angeles City Section Website
Pursuing victory with honor and all the latest from the city section "head shed."

Belmont High School Alumni Website
Stay in touch with all to do with the good old times on Crown Hill!